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…it’s bad enough that the faultline exists; but it’s worse when you’re clueless where.

Bonifacio Global City

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hi tulisanes,

i really appreciate your effort by informing the public/us about this. i myself have made investments in north bonifacio global city (veritown area by federal land) and ortigas greenfield (edsa central). the faultline issue never crossed my mind when i made my investments because i was not aware. i only came to realise the danger when i read an article about bgc gas pipeline (after serendra blast) sitting atop a faultline and my search has led me to your site.

anyway, as mentioned above, id like to know sana which between the 2 properties is safer. both are pre-sold naman so madali ko pa sya mabibitawan if ever. i am already planning to move back to manila in the near future. god forbid na mangyari nga ang kinakatakutan na earth quake sana naman hindi macompromise ang safety ng family ko if i could make informed decision right now while i still can. appreciate if you could advise.


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   Rikitiks says:

Is it safe to buy a mid-rise condo near Acacia Ave, Taguig City, Philippines. Location is good and we’re considering investing but its near the east valley faultline. What are the dangers of a magnitude-7 and up earthquake to the east valley side?
Also, why are they still building high-rise condos in Fort Bonifacio? Does this mean its safe if you are not on top of the actual faultline? I hope you can take time to reply, appreciate it. Thanks

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I would kindly ask for your help regarding earthquake fault lines. My question is: what areas in Fort Bonifacio and Mckinley Hill will be most affected when a big earthquake occurs? Aren’t these areas at bedrock? My daughter works in a building along Upper Mckinley Road. I hope you can enlighten me.

Thank you and God bless!


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   Diana Lim says:

Hello, we bought a condo unit at veritown fort bonifacio global city, is this area part of the fault line? If not, how far is it from the fault line?

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi I recently purchased a condo from avida 34th. It was stayed in the brochure that it is situated 1.2 kms away from the west valley fault. If this is true are we safe id like to get information so that I could make a decision whether to continue with the investment or not. Thanks and God bless.


  2. Mario Ibarra says:

    Pray and everybody will be save,Think Jesus don’t be afraid ……


  3. Jheng Casidsid says:

    Hello, we’re from Jasmin St., Lower Bicutan Taguig City, this is how many meters away from the faultline?


  4. charo says:

    hi, i am from davao city. my youngest daughter is graduating in high school and if admitted, she plans to study in either ateneo de manila or U.P. if it’s ADM for her, will she be safe staying in the campus dormitory? we also bought a condo in ortigas right next door to edsa shangrila. will it be safe staying there. please oh please help us by sharing your most valued inputs. thank you so much for your blog.


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