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…it’s bad enough that the faultline exists; but it’s worse when you’re clueless where.


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A list of barangays, subdivisions, and companies
surrounding the East Valley Fault…


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From San Mateo to Montalban, the East Valley Fault in detail

In the order of images below, the lesser known fault line is shown tracing a path from left to right (>>>) through the following barangays including some identified companies and a subdivision:

1.  Brgy. Ampid, Brgy. Guitnang Bayan II, and Brgy. Dulong Bayan II in San Mateo                   >>>

EAST FAULT-01_SanMateo

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2.  Brgy. Dulong Bayan II, Brgy. Malanday, Brgy. Maly in San Mateo and Brgy. Burgos and Brgy. San Rafael in Montalban  [TRI-EX COM and SAN RAFAEL DEV’T CORP. found on top of the fault line]                                                                        >>>

EAST FAULT-02_SanMateo-Montalban

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3.  Brgy. San Rafael and Brgy. Mascap in Montalban  [MONTALBAN MILLEX AGGREGATES QUARRY and HILLSIDE SUBDIVISION found on top of the fault line]                                                                                                                                >>>

EAST FAULT-03_Montalban

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   jimliza says:
hi gud pm di po ba delikadodto part san mateo

* * * Hi there, my husband and i are planning to buy a house in montlaban exactly at east bellevue residences i think its in eastwood also, just wanted to know if its really not safe to buy a property there? Thank you so much Melai * * *

   jessica says:
Hi there! Thank you for sharing these information to us especially the maps. But I can’t seem to find the place where our charity village for the abandoned children is proposed to be build. We are really concerned. I am using google earth now, and there seems to be that light blue line, that indicates the fault system. I would like to visit Philvocs as well in the very near future regarding our concern. But for now, if ever you can help me, as this are the coordinates more or less of where the site is, 14.746912, 121.156078 . It is in San Isidro, Montalban, Rizal, around 500 meters northeast from Avilon Zoo. If the area is high risk, or that there are things that we should be aware of, anything that can enlighten us before we start building. We have work hard and still working to get the finances and sponsorship for this Charity village and we want our children safe as possible. I hope you can help me in this research, any information will be appreciate. Thank you so much and have a great day. Kindest regards, Jessica

* * *

   trisha says:
Gud pm, Safe po b 2mira s eastwood residenses phase 9 s montalban rizal po nagwoworypo ko s mga anak ko lalo n po pag wla ko at nsa work. Sna po msgot myo ang aking ktanungan. Maring salamat po. Trisha
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12 Responses to SAN MATEO and MONTALBAN

  1. Jaguar says:

    Thank you for the sharing of very helpful information.The government needs to be more active in disseminating this in a manner that would not cause panic amongst our citizens but of vigilance.It also needs to do a very good job in regulating real estate companies in developing communities which are located within a certain kilometer radius that would be potentially detrimental to homeowners .
    Incidentally, is Timberlandland heights, the premier Filinvest suburban mountain community(formerly called skyscrapper city or skycity in the early 2000s, but was renamed due to negative reviews made by some ABS CBN journalists who were attacking it due to environmental issues) an area you would consider buying? We were told it was not in the faultline.We are our “diligence” homework .But then, how safe is it from the possible damage from the very nearby towns in San Mateo should a deadly earthquake happen?

    Would highly appreciate your insights.Thanks and God bless!


  2. Jazz SF says:

    We’ve found a 2014 article that mentioned barangay Sto. Niño in San Mateo, but it’s not listed in other blogs/articles about the East Valley Fault hence the confusion if this barangay really lies on top or very near of the fault. Is Sto. Niño safe? How about Parang Marikina near Fortune Tobacco Factory? Thank you so much


    • tulisanes says:

      the confusion lies in the fact that the 2014 article was based on the 2010 fault trace of phivolcs that has been rendered superseded and non-applicable by the recent and updated 2015 fault trace that is based on phivolcs vallet fault system atlas. i suggest you consider BOTH trace faults and could be in the future phivolcs releases another updated and divergent trace fault. please read “2015 Fault Trace vs. 2010 Fault Trace” on the lower part of this post and get a better understanding of your situation.

      please NOTE in the image above, i put both the current 2015 fault trace (orange and red) alongside the replaced 2010 fault trace (blue). again the 2014 article you’re referring was based on the 2010 fault trace. i hope this clears the air of confusion.


      • tulisanes says:

        by the way, fortune tobacco is about 2.73 kms from the west valley fault and more than 6 kms from the east valley fault.


      • Jazz SF says:

        Your thought, effort, and concern are truly appreciated. Thank you so much. We are thinking of investing a house in Parang near Fortune, but we are currently residing in Mayamot which based on the geoportal map, is considered in danger zone. It’s really scary that we are included in that “unknown” peril, so we want to make sure that when we move out of here, it’ll be a much safer place. Thank you so much. I hope you know how much your blog and information help and can save thousands of lives. I wish there are more people like you who do this kind of service out of kindness.


  3. anna says:

    what about the southville subdivision? I haven’t seen the subdivision in the map. how safe it was in that subdivision?


  4. Ruel Menorias says:

    Magandang Araw po… Ilang kilometro po yung safe na distansya mula sa Fault line? Sa tantya nyo po ilang kilometro po yung Eastwood Residences mula dun sa East Valley Fault line…. Safe po ba yung Location ng Eastwood? Salamat po


  5. kulaspiro4 says:

    Sir, safe po ba ang Metro Manila Hills Communities? Gano kalayo ba ang pwedeng amsabing safe from fault line? Nkapagpa-reserve kc kme ng bahay dun, di ko tuloy sure kung itutuloy ko.. Pls help po.. Salamat 🙂


  6. jhe says:

    sir, request po… pakicheck po kung damay po ba ang phase 9 sa eastwood residences. ilang meters po ba ang distance sa faultline para masabing safe. thanks


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