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…it’s bad enough that the faultline exists; but it’s worse when you’re clueless where.


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Dear Sir:

Good day!  Can you please send me the maps showing the subdivisions/areas affected by the Marikina Valley Faultline?  I am thinking of buying a house and lot at Loyola Grand Villas.

Thank you so much and more power to you!


* * *

Hi Sir,

May i please request loyola grand villas map with the location of the fault line. Thanks a lot.

God Bless


* * *

dear mr/ms tulisanes,

i am presently living and still living at provident villages, marikina city.  after the ondoy aftermath at our village,  i wanted to know exactly the barangays, locations of the marikina valley faultline for my friends , my family and my villagers would be aware since we already experienced the ondoy flood which really affected many lives.

sana , you could provide me the map with the exact place/location which are affected by the marikina valley fault line.  moreover my son has been an representative last year of the philippines to unesco-new zealand wherein the forum was about disaster management since christchurch, new zealand had experienced an disastrous earthquake also where their seminar was held.

hoping you could provide me since i was searching for it , so that i could dessiminate it to everybody.

thanks and god bless.



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