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…it’s bad enough that the faultline exists; but it’s worse when you’re clueless where.


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Where to locate Buenavista Ville, Batasan Hills, Matandang Balara, Richville, Garland Woodcrest Forest, and North View 1 in Quezon City.

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Multi-fault 26 in detail:


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  1. Ignorance from the people, the government and lack of pivotal information that can save lives is a universal factor not only in the Philippines but everywhere. For example, I visited extended family, who recently moved from the Philippines to a suburb in San Francisco called Daly City and little did they understand that I did my research and informed them that the San Andres fault is less then 2 miles away from them. They laughed at me and said they are not worried about it… but the San andres fault is going to blow at any moment now it’s only a matter of when not “if” for all of these active faults to produce a massive earthquake. When it happens, it’s unfortunate but a lot of people will die and this potential west valley earthquake will be more devastating then the Bohol earthquake.

    What that being said I am glad you created this blog to inform the public. That sign on San Mateo rd right by the approximate location of the fault line is not big enough for residents of the suburbs to see while driving and many people probably ignore the warning.


    • tulisanes says:

      for the devastation that will happen (it’s a question of when not if), i liken it to the japan earthquake that triggered a massive tsunami. one day the people of a village were going about their ways: some having big projects and planning on the events of a near future, some living happy lives and content of present circumstances, some weighed down by problems and occupied with how to resolve them –the average everyday problems and concerns of being human. until one day the earth shook and the seas wiped out everything–entire communities, homes, neighbors, workplaces, everything that could remind survivors of the life they led.

      a 7.2 magnitude earthquake will take only minutes, but the great destruction can happen in the first initial few seconds! when it happens, nobody would see it coming. in the blink of an eye, one’s world is turned upside down. i choose how it is said in tagalog, “pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa.”

      but God is all good! He knows these things will happen beforehand. because of his sovereignty, He gave us a promise we can hold onto: “and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” -romans 8:28

      for when the inevitable happens, it is a beautiful promise to hope for in the midst of helplessness and desolation. always trust God. it’s best to get into relationship with Him now.


  2. I am visiting the Philippines from the states and I noticed the west valley fault sign today outside of the northview subdivision they live in…I’m afraid for their lives and the lives of those living on the mountain. This is just very scary that no one seems to understand that there is a sleeping giant right beneath metro Manila that can wake up at any time.


    • tulisanes says:

      yes, people understand that there is a sleeping giant. but they seem to be under the impression that it only affects the other person –not him or her. in the past, news clips show experts and politicians visiting shanties and advising the poor dwellers to vacate because it was not safe to be living on top of a fault line. in my mind i asked “what about legitimate property owners in subdivisions, or why were the middle and rich classes not being warned likewise?”

      i heard the argument that whether one lives atop a fault line or not, or lives far from the faultline by many kilometers away, one is still in danger if his place of residence was not built according to building code specifications, or the technical expertise of an engineer was not availed of or ignored during construction.

      given the wisdom of it, still those who live on top of the fault line are more likely to suffer structural collapse and deaths and injuries than those not living on top of it. they put west valley fault signs but don’t target and identify specific houses with families in grave danger (or inform them privately at least). it seems they want people to know yet not know at the same time. one foot inside the door while the other foot remains outside.


      please help me reach these families in danger who are clueless of their plight by bringing other members of your family, friends and acquaintances to my blog and know the life-saving information themselves. in turn, they may also pass the favor and help others also.


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