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…it’s bad enough that the faultline exists; but it’s worse when you’re clueless where.


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   Wanda says:

Hi Tulisanes, your blog seems the be the only place to find decent information on safety regarding fault lines in the Metro. We’re looking for a lot to build our house on and would like to ask you how far you think is safe from the fault line? We’re looking at Valle Verde area but saw in your stitched map that the fault line runs along Lanuza Avenue (between Valle 4 and Valle 5). So for example, those living in Valle 5, but closer to Libis / C5, are they considered safe enough? How many meters do you recommend? What about those along Temple Drive, is that far enough from the fault line?

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  1. Jeantuyan says:

    how about floodway b. in brgy san juan taytay rizal?


  2. leolanda beloy says:

    I want to know if pinagbuhatan pasig city is close to valley fault line cos i live in there


    • tulisanes says:

      pinagbuhatan, pasig is about 3.84 kms from the fault line. even if it is far, the general rule is: if the structure above your head is very old or was not designed by a licensed architect and licensed structural or civil engineer, then you are nonetheless VERY MUCH affected as the structural integrity of the house or building may be weak and roof and walls may collapse.


  3. EMDL says:

    Hi Tulisanes. I have been trying to check if the condominium project we recently bought sits near the fault line. It was really a relief that I found your site. Can we check with you if the Lumiere Towers of DMCI in Shaw and Pasig Blvd. is near the fault? What your opinion of the location?


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